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Meet the Team

Just a group of guys from across the globe each with our own digital agencies and a knack for building business online. We came together with the common goal of finding, reviewing and sharing survival gear and survival-related products that will meet or exceed the needs of those interested in being prepared. Because you never know when major events of a natural or man-made order can mess with your plans.

Niall H Survival Gear and Kits
Niall Hackett
Team Finance and Marketing

Niall Hackett, an online marketer who loves to spend time outdoors. He lives in Ireland has always had a love for outdoors,
" I’ve always made time to get outdoors for some fresh air. Of course, like any hobby there comes a time when you have to buy the necessary gear and equipment and I’m like most men, going to the mall to shop isn’t something I like doing and find it time consuming. However, the internet now allows us to research our products, purchase them online and save us the time so we can spend it on our hobbies."

Niall became involved with several other like minded outdoor enthusiasts from all around the world to build www.survivalgearandkits.com a one stop shop that reviews and sells outdoor and survival gear.

Amit J Survival
Amit Jain
Team Marketing

Amit is Director of Sydney SEO Company called Broadcast SEO. He specializes in WordPress web designing and Online marketing. In his spare time, he loves to go Kayaking and Camping.

Derek R Survival
Derek Rogers
Team Marketing

Derek is a webprenuer who has been in business online since 1997. He lives on the West Coast and loves the outdoors but recognizes the need for Emergency and Survival Gear and having them available for families in an easy, pre-packaged way like the Survival Kits offered on this site.

Derek is the Digital Marketing Director and SEO Specialist for Arneeon Media a Vancouver SEO company.

Profile Picture SEO
Dor Israeli
Team Marketing

Dor Israeli is a Mississippi-based SEO and e-Commerce specialist, founder of North Star SEO, and brand owner of “My Little North Star”.

Dor’s experienced the outdoors, and used large verity of survival gear in many places and different situations: Starting with a military service, where the outdoors and the fundamentals of nature hits you right in the face, and through traveling and hiking, Scuba-diving and skiing  all over the globe: North and South America, Europe, New Zealand, Australia and South East Asia.

Nedim D Rock Climbing
Nedim Dzindo
Team Marketing

Nedim is an online marketing expert from Germany and founder of Simple Smart SEO.

He loves to spend his free time in nature and has done a lot of adventurous activities all over Europe. Like climbing the highest mountain in Spain, Pico del Teide. During his adventures, he recognized and learned the importance of having good gear for survival with him and knowing how to use them.

Not satisfied with the information on the internet, he and his friends decided to create a high-quality website with all the necessary information: www.survivalgearandkits.com