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What do you need in a storm kit?

A storm kit is a sort of a survival kit which includes the collection of various items and tools. These are tools that help a person to survive natural calamities like storms and hurricanes. A storm is a natural calamity which causes tons of destruction and within a short period. It is something that doesn’t give a person time to think and prepare. A storm kit is like any other disaster supply kit that one should always keep it in their possession. A storm can blow anything that comes in its way and causes mass destruction of properties as well as human causalities. Storms can happen anytime and any day, so you are required to be prepared and make your family prepared to these situations also. It is always recommended to pack supplies which can last for at least three days. From first aids to medications, food, and water, tools, and components, you need to pack everything sufficiently in order to make your storm kit. Cases where you have to survive on your own after the storm show, a storm kit consisting all the items is what comes to the rescue. Here are some basic items that you should always pack in your storm kit.


  1. Food and water

Water and Food are the main components of any emergency kit. Water is something which is the easiest to consume and hardest to find and store. So it is necessary to get everything planned in advance because, after the destruction, there might not be a single drop of water left to drink. A storm swaps away everything that comes in its way, and it could result in the contamination of your water source. Thus, it is necessary to store at least three liters of water in your storm kit. Also, it is necessary to carry portable water purifiers with your storm kit in case if your stock becomes empty.

Canned food items like peanut butter, wafers, biscuits, canned meat and soup, nuts, etc. should be preferred for your storm kit. Also, you can add chocolates and other candies to your kit but avoid packing salty food and snacks as it will only make you thirsty. Always prefer foods which are in air tight containers. The benefit of using canned food items is that they are already cooked and doesn’t need to be cooked again. It is very helpful when you are out there struggling with the storm.


  1. A radio

Radio is essential in these kinds of situations because it will provide you with the updates and notifications regarding warnings and to where to find the shelter. A hand cranked radio is preferred because it doesn’t require any power source to run with. There are various channels you can tune your radio to for getting alerts and notifications. It is very helpful as it may tell you where to find shelter or is there a storm coming anytime soon. It will keep you posted with the weather conditions.


  1. First Aid Kit

Like food and water, a first aid kit is also the thing which goes with every disaster supply kit. Your medical supply kit should include medical tapes, bandages, ointments for cuts and bruises, antibiotics, painkillers, tablets for a headache, fever, and others. For your storm kit, it is necessary that instead of buying the regular first aid kit, you should assemble it yourself as the normal first aid kit only consists of limited medical supplies and it might not be enough when a storm attacks. Storms are very dangerous and even life threatening. Thus, it is important for you to pack according to it. If anybody gets wounded in action, there should be enough medical supply in your kit which can provide comfort to the victim.


  1. Illumination

A source of lighting is the next most important thing one should pack inside the storm kit. When Storm occurs, there is a 100% probability of blackouts. A blackout will affect the whole surrounding, and you are required to see at night. Things like flashlights, torches, headlamps, etc. play an important role in these kinds of situations. It will be a total blackout, and you won’t even be able to see the person standing next to you. So it is necessary to pack flashlights and other light sources with extra batteries just to increase the longevity of the devices.


  1. Sleeping Essentials

There is a minimum chance of you getting a cozy pillow and a bed after a storm. It is necessary that every person’s storm kit must carry a sleeping bag and a blanket. Bedding is important as it keeps you away from direct contact with the ground. Sleeping on the ground with nothing underneath it will soak all your heat from your body, and you might become a victim of hypothermia. Also, you can also include some warm clothes and shoes in your storm kit. It keeps you warmer during cold nights.


  1. Personal hygiene

Tissues, sanitizers, toothpaste, toothbrush, female hygiene products, body wash, soaps, etc. should be included in your storm kit. It is necessary to store all these items separately in your storm kit bag. These might seem unimportant for you, but when you spend a day without brushing your teeth, I am sure it will irritate to you an extent. Also, adding some moisturizing creams is very beneficial as it will keep you protected from sunburns and dry skin.


  1. Cell phones with extra batteries and chargers

During these situations, cell phones play an important role as it helps you with contacting your near and dear ones. It is recommended to carry portable chargers with you as there might be no instance where you can plug in the charger to charge your device. And it is necessary to carry some extra set of chargers with you just to increase the longevity of your devices.


  1. Some extra cash

The aftermath of a storm could lead to shuttering of all the public banks and ATMs. Thus, it is necessary for you to carry some extra cash with you because when the storm settles, you will be required to buy food and other essentials.


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