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What do you need in a survival kit?

What do you need in a survival kit?

A survival kit is a must to have in possession as you never know what face a
trouble carries. Trouble comes in all shapes and sizes, and when it comes to
survival, you should always be prepared. From natural calamities like
floods, tsunamis, earthquakes, fires, hurricanes the list goes on and what if
you have to face the wilderness. You don’t know what will happen and
when it will happen. You need to be well prepared for all the life
threatening scenarios that you feel you might get into one someday. From
first aids to food and water, you need to pack everything for your survival
kit. The situations will be different for every worst-case scenario, and you
need to pack everything according to it. Below down I am providing you
with the list of most necessary items one need to pack in his/her survival

1. A traditional road and topo map or a GPS device

Pack at least two-three hard copies of traditional maps of the region you
belong to. Also, a GPS tracking device is advised as you don’t certainly need
to rely on any one thing. But when you are lost in the wilderness like in the
woods or some isolated island, GPS tracking devices doesn’t seem to work
properly due to connectivity or network problems. So, traditional maps are
preferred the most, a topo map if you are in the wild or the remote and
isolated terrains, whereas, a traditional road map if you are on the road.

2. Cell phones with extra batteries and chargers

Putting a couple of cell phones in your survival kit is a must as you never
know when you need to call somebody in an emergency. Packing cell
phones with extra chargers will help you in maintaining the longevity of
your device. Always pack portable chargers with you as you never know
where the emergency will take you. Also, there are several solar powered
portable chargers which you can buy online or from anywhere. Solar
powered chargers are the best as they don’t require electricity to charge.
When you are someplace where there is no access to electricity, you can
use a solar charger to charge your device.

3. Food

Food is an essential source for survival whether you are in the middle of
some worst-case scenario or sitting home watching television. Food
provides your body with essential nutrients and minerals for proper
functioning. A hungry stomach will not help you much with the survival
process. Thus, it is necessary to pack food items in your survival kit bags.
Always prefer canned food items as they are pre-cooked and you don’t
need to heat it for eating. Pack food items like nuts stored in an air-tight
containers and protein bars as they are a rich in dietary fibers and proteins.

4. A cutting tool of some kind like a knife or an axe

Have you heard of Swiss Army Knife? Swiss Army Knife is a multipurpose tool which sports a primary blade along with several secondary tools like a cutter, screwdriver, bottle opener, can opener and many other essential tools which can help you in performing various other tasks when you are in some kind of emergency situation. Swiss Army Knife proves to be handy in almost every survival situation. Like if you are lost in the wilderness, with the help of Swiss Army Knife you can make a shelter by cutting the branches of the tree, or you can hunt with it also you can protect yourself from wild animals with this knife.

5. Matches, Lighter or flints anything that makes fire

Fire is very important when you are lost in the wilderness. Fire provides a
sense of hope for all the survivors. Also, fire makes all the wild animals
away from you. Also, it keeps the mosquitoes and other bugs at bay. In
your survival kit, always carry something which is a source for making fire.
Fire will keep you warm, and also you can cook food on it when you are in
the wild. If you are taking matches with you, always prefer phosphorous tip
matchsticks as catch fire very easily and on every surface. You can use fire
to give signals to people to let them know you are in distress.

6. Medications and a first aid kit

First aid kit is a must to have in a survival kit. Medications for a headache,
food poisoning, fever, etc. should be kept by the side. Bandages and
ointments are necessary. In times of emergency, it will help you cope up
with your pain. When there are emergency evacuations, there is a
possibility of you getting hurt in some way or another. If you are injured,
your brain won’t function properly. It is necessary for you to be calm and
composed in these situations but with injury worrying you; you might take
certain actions which can prove to be costly as it is a matter of life and
death for you.

7. Pack extra clothing and personal hygiene products

Items like toothpaste, toothbrush, body wash, moisturizers, etc. will help
you to maintain your hygiene when you are in your survivor mode. Also,
pack some extra clothes in your survival kit. For instance, if you lost in the
wilderness then packing an extra sweater or so help you prevent cold
conditions. Also, if you are in an emergency evacuation process due to
floods, pre-packing your survival kit with raincoats and boots will ease the
difficulty. Prepare your survival kits according to the scenarios. Have
different survival kits dedicated to different scenarios like have one for an
earthquake and other for flood and wilderness survival. This is because
survival kit items may differ according to the scenarios.

8. Water

Water is a must for survival and dehydration is the number one factor
which affects in the worst-case scenarios. Always carry extra water with you
in a water balloon or a stainless-steel water container. Add stainless steel
container to your survival kit as it not only stores water, but you can boil or
cook in it also.


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